Ginisang Talong

Ginisang Talong

6:25 PM

Ginisang Talong

Ginisang Talong is the first dish I attempted to cook. I was in elementary yet at that time, in the fourth grade, so I was like 9 or 10 years old. That day which I thought I was simply in “I-wanna-try-to-cook mood” was the beginning… Unconsciously, at that early stage of my life, my passion for food and cooking spurred on.

The cooking talent runs in the blood. My mother and her brother are good cooks which they’ve gotten from their father. 7 out of 9 of us siblings got the same. My father, in his younger years, used to cook good food for us, too! Having tasted great home-cooked dishes prepared by our parents even until we became adults trained our tongues to accept or discriminate taste, but we're no experts:D

So, today, I’m reminded of the history because Ginisang Talong(Sauteed Eggplant) is what I cooked for lunch. It’s been quite a while I haven’t had the dish served in our table. I so missed it! No other difference does it make to the ordinary Ginisang Talong other than by adding oyster sauce. Yes, there’s a slight sweetness - the kind of taste my family loves. And my boys were then on their usual style of excessive praising again after eating. Well, they're ever biased people. They simply praise for me to always cook for them. LOL!

Ingredients used:
Lean pork(or beef, chicken, etc.)
Oyster sauce
Soy Sauce
Green onions 

Saute garlic, onion next until translucent in color. Add meat. Set the fire to low(my style) when it's been added so that they’re slowly seared, the oil out. Add the sliced eggplants. (Note: Sliced eggplants are placed in a bowl with water to avoid discoloration). Drain water properly if you want the dish dry; slightly drain off excess water if you prefer it with a little sauce. Add oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and pepper and mix. Cover. When half-way done, mix again just to even out the color and flavor. Cover till cooked. 

Tip: The lesser the seeds in eggplants the better the taste. 

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